Two main phases can be distinguished under the STRATEGO project:

1. Preparation phase, or how to prepare the ground for coherent and ambitious NHCPs

Under this phase, STRATEGO partners provided key information to national authorities regarding their energy efficiency potential for heating and cooling. This was done through the quantification process regarding the energy efficiency potential for heating and cooling. Moreover, this information was useful for the European Commission when preparing the EU Heating and Cooling Strategy and assessing national plans.

2. Making the link between national plans and local actions

STRATEGO partners also supported local authorities in assessing their local heating and cooling potential, namely through the mapping exercise and the identification of areas of priority for intervention.

Knowledge regarding planning, and in particular heating and cooling planning, is unbalanced in Europe. Therefore, cross-border collaboration was promoted to foster the development of sound national and local energy planning. This was achieved through meetings with national authorities and by putting in place a coaching scheme for local/regional authorities.


See the project infographic below