Coaching sessions

A key part of the STRATEGO project activities involved a series of international coaching sessions for local authorities. ‘Learning’ partners in the project have been paired with ‘expert’ partners, to deliver coaching for selected local authorities. These coaching sessions have enabled local authorities to see innovative technological solutions in practice and learn from the practitioners who developed these demonstration projects.

Figure below illustrates the pairing that was made between each country.


A best practice and guidance report has been produced based on lessons from the STRATEGO coaching sessions. This report highlights general lessons and advice for practitioners seeking to support delivery of strategic heating and cooling plans in their own local, regional or national area. It draws on evaluations of the international coaching activities undertaken by each of the project partners, as well as experiences of partners taking part in site visits and meetings.

If you are interested in specific examples, watch a short video about the first STRATEGO training session in Croatia: 2 October 2014, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Zagreb

Watch a video about CELSIUS & STRATEGO Coaching Workshop with City of Antwerp in Gothenburg, 2-3 July 2015