Heat Roadmap Europe

Heat Roadmap Europe (HRE) is a series of three studies that have been carried out since 2012. In total, 18 different reports have been produced in these studies, primarily relating to the long-term changes that are necessary to decarbonise the heating and cooling sector in Europe.

When the study began in 2012, it was clear that there is a large amount of basic and critical data currently missing about the heating sector in Europe, which is a major barrier in the design and analysis of future solutions for the heating sector.

The studies can be found  on the Heat Roadmap Europe website and under the links below:

Connolly D, Mathiesen BV, Østergaard PA, Möller B, Nielsen S, Lund H, Trier D, Persson U, Nilsson D, Werner S. Heat Roadmap Europe 1. Aalborg University, Halmstad University, and Euroheat & Power, 2012.

Connolly D, Mathiesen BV, Østergaard PA, Möller B, Nielsen S, Lund H, Persson U, Werner S, Grözinger J, Boermans T, Bosquet M, Trier D. Heat Roadmap Europe 2. Aalborg University, Halmstad University, Ecofys Germany GmbH, PlanEnergi, and Euroheat & Power, 2013.

Heat Roadmap Europe 3 is from work package 2 of the STRATEGO project. STRATEGO partners fine-tuned the results of the previous Heat Roadmap Europe studies by developing a Pan-European Thermal Atlas and deep assessment of energy efficiency potential for 5 targeted countries. These results have been used to support local authorities in taking action so that they can help their national authorities in preparing and developing National Heating and Cooling Plans. Summary reports, national reports and background (methodology) reports are available under the STRATEGO reports webpage.

In 2016, the 4th Heat Roadmap Europe study began developing heat strategies and thermal atlases for the 14 largest EU countries. HRE4 aims to develop low-carbon heating and cooling strategies, called Heat Roadmaps, by quantifying and implementing changes at the national level for 14 EU Member States. HRE4 kicked-off in March 2016 and will run for 3 years.