Local maps

Using the Pan-European Thermal Atlas results, project partners produced local maps for each of the 5 STRATEGO countries.

These maps present heat demand and potential cooling demand densities (on a 1km2 resolution); possible waste heat facilities; information on prospective DH system areas.

You can have access to the local maps by clicking on the country of your choice below:

Mapping local demand and supply of heating and cooling is a first step to find areas of priority, where local conditions are favourable for developing projects on sustainable heating and cooling. A guideline, entitled ‘Local action: Methodologies and data sources for mapping local heating and cooling demand and supply’ was developed in the framework of STRATEGO. The aim of this report is to support this mapping exercise. This guideline lists what data layers should be included and gives example of useful data sources. It also explains how this data can be mapped and presents a checklist for projects to consider based on the maps.