National H&C plans

A key challenge of putting national heating and cooling plans into practice is ensuring that the national plans take into account the realities of the local contexts. Conversely, activities for local delivery and local plans should support with the visions set out in the national plans.

Therefore, an important part of the Stratego project activities focused on developing dialogue between national authorities and local authorities. This was done through a series of formal meetings which aimed to ensure that the local and regional plans developed through the coaching process were designed with national plans in mind, and vice versa.

Four meetings were held throughout the duration of the project in each learning country:

  • Meeting 1 – Building a relationship with the national authority
  • Meeting 2 – Discussion of identified project opportunities and mapping analysis
  • Meeting 3 – Developing guidance on integration of national and local / regional plans
  • Meeting 4 – Review and refinement of the project outputs

Best practice report on how National Heating and Cooling Plans take into account local and regional plans and vice versa will be available soon.

In the meantime, discover a case study of how the Scottish Heat Map has been applied at the local level. See a Prezi prepared by Ruth Bush (Stratego Project Officer) below: