National/local H&C plans

A key challenge of putting national heating and cooling plans into practice is ensuring that the national plans take into account the realities of the local contexts. Conversely, activities for local delivery and local plans should be in line with the visions set out in the national plans.

Therefore, an important part of the STRATEGO project activities focused on developing dialogue between national authorities and local authorities. This was done through a series of formal meetings which aimed to ensure that the local and regional plans developed through the coaching process were designed with national plans in mind, and vice versa.

Best practice report on how National Heating and Cooling Plans take into account local and regional plans and vice versa highlights challenges and provides some advice for developing national-local dialogue.

Additionally, discover success stories shared by the STRATEGO partners:

Influencing national government policy
“The Ministry of Industry and Trade takes note of our findings and recommendations as, for example, the requirement to replace obsolete fossil fuel boilers by efficient district heating installations, increasing the share of cogeneration and recovery of excess heat from industrial production; attention should be paid to the generation from renewable sources and also it is necessary to set motivational economic conditions for the energy recovery of sorted municipal waste. Our comments were incorporated into the study „Comprehensive assessment of the potential for the application of high-efficiency cogeneration and efficient district heating and cooling in Czech Republic”. (TSČR Czech District Heating Association, Czech Republic) 19-cover-page_czech-republic
Embedding STRATEGO lessons into long-term capacity building programmes for local authorities
20-printscreen_scotland-heat-map “During the STRATEGO project, the Scottish Government launched a District Heating Strategy Support Programme, aiming to support all local authorities in Scotland to develop and publish district heating strategies, making use of data from the Scotland Heat Map. The STRATEGO project activities were able to complement this work and the learning from STRATEGO has been embedded into this programme of support going forward.” (Scottish Government, UK)
Highlighting opportunities using mapping of renewable heat potential
“The biggest success of STRATEGO is the inclusion of the option “Renewable District Heating” for the new area “Am Weiher” into the project plans and its serious consideration. Thanks to STRATEGO, the city has its heating demand mapped (and updated) and the municipal planners educated in urban development deepening their knowledge of renewable district heating. The mapping of the heating and cooling demand and the collaboration with the local supplier at an early stage of the project development contributed to the increased municipal planners’ understanding of alternative supply solutions.” (AGFW, Germany) 24-urban-design_germany


Other national heating and cooling plans (or comprehensive assessment of the national potential of cogeneration and district heating and cooling) can be found here: