Project Brief

The STRATEGO project is a European co-funded project developed in the framework of the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme from April 2014 to November 2016.

The purpose of the project “Multi level actions for enhanced Heating and Cooling plans – STRATEGO” is to:

  • provide tangible support in developing National Heating and Cooling Plans,
  • assist local authorities in evaluating their Heating and Cooling potential,
  • find their priority area for intervention, and
  • identify concrete projects that should be implemented.

Download a postcard (Front, Back), a roll-up presenting the project in a self-explanatory way, or a more detailed presentation about STRATEGO.

The geographical focus of STRATEGO is Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Romania, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom. Experienced partners, from Denmark and Sweden, provide their support. The transferability and implementation of the project results outside the targeted countries is ensured by involving partners from Spain and Poland.


Major outputs of the project include:

  • Development of a Pan-European thermal atlas and deep assessment of energy efficiency potential for 5 targeted countries (Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy, Romania and the United Kingdom). These two outputs have served as reference for national authorities responsible for drafting National Heating and Cooling Plans.
  • 30 cities/regions supported in the process of mapping their energy potential including identification of priority areas for intervention and concrete projects that should be implemented. In total, over 40 regional/local projects have been identified and appropriate business models have been developed.
  • One-to-one coaching sessions for 23 cities/regions together with one-to-one meetings with national authorities responsible for drafting National Heating and Cooling Plans. This process allowed bridging the gap between EU and national policy, and actions at local/regional levels as all actors were in contact and exchanged knowledge during the whole duration of STRATEGO.

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